The New Heroes


Genre: General Documentaries, Business, Biography

Episodes & Length: 4x60

Production Years: 2005

Format: SD

THE NEW HEROES is a dramatic and thought-provoking series that profiles the work of a new breed of heroes: the daring social entrepreneurs who are tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems. Courageous, compassionate and committed to transforming society, these brilliant men and women have turned their business skills into tools for change, development and hope. For them, profit is measured not in dollars and cents, but in lives saved and dignity restored.

Hosted by Robert Redford, the series travels the world to meet these unsung heroes and tell their inspiring stories. Whether they are working to provide fair labor opportunities for women, bringing electricity to rural families, introducing affordable cataract surgery to prevent unnecessary blindness, or educating homeless children, these unique brand of activists use the power of capital, business savvy and fertile imagination to help oppressed and impoverished people transform their own realities.

Episode #1 - Dreams of Sanctuary
The series begins its global exploration of social entrepreneurs with a look at those who are helping the desperate, the destitute and the determined to make a new beginning.

Episode #2 - Technology of Freedom
The second program turns to the work of “compassionate capitalists,” who have created self-sustaining businesses to maximize human benefit, not profit.

Episode #3 - Power of Enterprise
The third program in the series looks at how social entrepreneurs are working to break the cycle of poverty by empowering people to earn a living.

Episode #4 - Power of Knowledge
The final program looks at the new heroes who are working to improve lives by creating opportunities for education in societies that often leave children to fend for themselves.

Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting in association with Malone-Grove Productions, Inc.

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