Peter Drucker: An Intellectual Journey


Genre: General Documentaries, Business, Biography

Episodes & Length: 1x60

Production Years: 2002

PETER DRUCKER: AN INTELLECTUAL JOURNEY is a one-hour documentary that celebrates the life, work and rich contributions of the man who was known as the father of modern management. For more than sixty years, Drucker’s books and articles defined the practice of management, teaching generations of executives from around the world how to successfully run corporations, government agencies and not-for-profits. The documentary traces Drucker’s intellectual journey from his early years in Europe to his ground breaking work in the United States. The program explores his landmark study of General Motors in the 1940’s, one that led to the revolutionary concept of the decentralized corporation. It also examines the management ideas he used to help transform General Electric in the 1950’s and that led to his famous primer book, The Practice of Management.

Drucker continued to write, consult and teach until his death at the age of 95, with his later works offering penetrating insights into new methods for managing organizations in the 21st century. PETER DRUCKER: AN INTELLECTUAL JOURNEY features exclusive interviews with Drucker, held over the course of several days, in which he looked back on his career and looked forward to the challenges that all organizations will face in the years to come.

Produced by Witty Associates, LLC.

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