Short Form Video: BEYOND GEEK is a fascinating and fun magazine-format series about people who are pushing the limits of science, technology, and everything geek. But this isn’t your ordinary science and technology show – it’s about people who take geek to a whole new level! Each half-hour episode of BEYOND GEEK delves into fringe ideas that might seem just a little odd. From a group trying to get to space in a balloon to people who dress up as superheroes to fight crime, our hosts dive deep into these amazing stories by joining in the adventure, and taking you on a truly unique ride of how and why these people do what they do. By the end of the episode, you’ll learn just how cool those strange ideas are and understand why a word that used to be an insult is now the ultimate form of compliment.

Hosted by Nate Lake, Sage Michael and Dan Reynoso.

Produced by Jowagi Productions, 2014-2016