Short Form Video: THE WAR THAT MADE AMERICA vividly brings to life a vastly important but often overlooked period of history: The French and Indian War. This dramatic documentary, with full-scale battles, elaborate sets and a large cast, tells the fascinating story of three world powers — England, France and an alliance of Native American nations — whose struggles planted the seeds for the American Revolution.

Looking to expand their reach in the New World, England and France both lay claim to a rich area of land between their American settlements: the Ohio River Valley. This land, however, was also the home to numerous Native American tribes, and they would play a valuable role in the eventual war by tipping the balance of power in favor of one of the European empires.

Narrated and hosted by Graham Greene, the Academy-Award nominated actor for Dances with Wolves and an Oneida Indian whose ancestors fought in this war, THE WAR THAT MADE AMERICA combines a commitment to accuracy with a compelling filmed portrayal of the dangerous world of the 18th-century frontier.


"A handsome production that draws dialogue from journals and first-person accounts to breathe life into the history."
- Brian Lowry, Variety

Produced by War That Made America Productions, LLC and French and Indian War 250, Inc.