4 Wheel Bob(1x60)
Bob Coomber sets out to become the first wheelchair hiker to cross the treacherous Kearsarge Pass in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. Fraught with danger, Bob must deal with altitude sickness, the threat of a diabetic coma and possible fatal falls in the steep terrain.


Eisenhower’s Secret War(2x60)
Authoritative doc examines U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s nuclear policy during the Cold War period of 1952-1961.


EVA: A-7063(1x65, 1x90)
A film about the extraordinary life of Eva Mozes Kor who survived Nazi medical experiments as a child, later helped launch the biggest manhunt for Dr Josef Mengele in history, and now at 85, travels the world to promote peace and forgiveness.


Gandhi's Awakening(1x60)
Explores Mohandas Gandhi’s early formative years in South Africa that led to the spiritual epiphany which transformed him to become the Mahatma or Great Soul.


Gandhi's Gift(1x60)
Reveals inspiring details about Gandhi’s life and his timeless message of nonviolence and interfaith harmony, which is more relevant now than ever.


Get Off Your Knees: The John Robinson Story(1x60)
The inspiring story of a man who overcame severe physical disabilities to live the life of his dreams.


Linus Pauling(1x60)
Documentary explores the extraordinary life of Linus Pauling, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century and the winner of two unshared Nobel Prizes.


Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property(1x60)
Documentary explores the mysteries surrounding the leader of one of the largest slave rebellions in history.


Reagan Presidency, The(3x60)
This intimate portrait of the iconic statesman tells a fresh story about the critical policy decisions that Ronald Reagan made during his eight-year presidency.


Remembering Leonard Nimoy(1x60)
A loving and very personal tribute to the life and career of Leonard Nimoy, as told by his daughter, Julie.


Right Footed(1x60, 1x82)
The inspiring story of Jessica Cox who was born without arms but learned to fly a plane with her feet, and has become a leading advocate for people with disabilities.


Sharon Isbin: Troubadour(1x60)
Documentary about globally-acclaimed classical guitarist Sharon Isbin and her extraordinary and inspiring musical journey.


True North: The Sean Swarner Story(1/60)
Incredible quest to become the world’s first cancer survivor to scale the highest point on all seven continents and hike to the North and South Poles, with only one fully-functioning lung.


Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story(1x60)
Documentary tells how innovator Peter Diamandis created the “X Prize,” a $10 million contest to encourage space travel.