A fast-paced documentary celebrating the spirit of innovation and creativity that uniquely defines California. Techno-wizards, artists, chefs, innovators, athletes and politicians, all testing the boundaries of what is possible.


Easy Like Water(1x60)
As floodwaters threaten Bangladesh, a visionary architect is building solar powered floating schools and creating a blueprint for his country’s survival.


Exciting series of real-life event, where teams compete to develop a new commercial product idea within 48-hours.


New Recruits, The(1x60)
Idealists journey to the world's most volatile and war-torn regions to effect social change through business solutions.


Start Up(65x30)
Host Gary Bredow interviews all kinds of entrepreneurs about what it takes to start a new business in this fast-paced series.


Triumph of the Nerds(3x60)
Fascinating vintage 1996 series about the personal computing revolution reveals how it all happened. Featuring interviews with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and more.