Current Affairs

Crowd & the Cloud, The(4x60, 8x30)
Exciting look at how citizens are helping advance science by using smartphones, apps, cameras, balloons, kites and other tools to make new discoveries, speed up research and solve problems.


Earth: The Operators' Manual(1x60)
Fast-paced documentary presents an objective assessment of the Earth’s problems and highlights alternative energy options that can save the planet.


Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement(1x60)
Award-winning documentary explores technologies from Botox to bionic limbs that promise to change our bodies and minds forever.


Global Health Frontiers: Dark Forest, Black Fly(1x60)
An inspiring and fascinating look at how scientists and health workers are achieving remarkable success against the devastating disease of river blindness.


Global Health Frontiers: Foul Water, Fiery Serpent(1x60)
Inspiring story of The Carter Center’s attempt to wipe the devastating guinea worm disease off the face of the Earth.


Global Health Frontiers: Trachoma, Defeating a Blinding Curse(1x60)
Documentary takes viewers to Ethiopia and the front lines of an epic battle against a blinding disease that has for millennia caused untold suffering for countless victims worldwide.


Global Health Frontiers(4x60)
Series highlights global health organizations and local volunteers engaged in pioneering field work in a fast-paced, news magazine format.


Is America in Retreat?(1x60)
Fascinating look at the hard questions American foreign policy leaders face in dealing with today’s rapidly changing world order.


Little Stones(1x60, 1x90)
Four women artists use their unique art forms to empower women and survivors of gender-based violence in this inspiring film.


Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders(1x60, 1x90)
Powerful documentary interweaves the experiences of four volunteers with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.


Out on a Limb(1x60)
Documentary explores the amazing evolution of prosthetics and advancements in robotics and neuroscience that are helping adults and children who have lost a limb.


Powering the Planet(1x60)
Doc examines the best and worst energy policies from around the globe, and highlights the consequences for countries that make bad choices.


Sold: Fighting the New Global Slave Trade(1x60)
Three courageous individuals defy danger to end the practice of child slavery.