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Online screening is a password-protected function of the APT Worldwide website. For log-in information, please contact Kevin McKenna at:Kevin_McKenna@APTonline.org


What is APT Worldwide?

Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge: Amazing EncountersAPT Worldwide is the licensing division of American Public Television (APT), a leading syndicator of programming to the public television system in the United States. We license high-quality programs from independent producers and suppliers of factual content to buyers from around the world. Our goals are to provide additional revenue streams for program suppliers and gain exposure for their content.

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To whom does APT Worldwide sell?

APT Worldwide licenses content to broadcasters and distributors in every territory, and across multiple distribution platforms, including terrestrial, cable, digital, satellite, streaming, VOD, mobile and educational. We attend major television markets and maintain a rich website and print catalog.

Does APT Worldwide represent only programs that are distributed by APT in the U.S.?

No. We represent quality, factual content from suppliers around the world.

How much money can be made in the international market?

This is a complex answer! The amount of money a program will generate in licensing depends on a combination of factors: the quality of the content, the size of the territory for which it is being licensed, the type of rights requested and exclusivity. Typically, the U.K., Japan, France and Germany pay the highest license fees. They also buy the least amount of programming because they produce much of it themselves. Terrestrial broadcasters pay more than cable and digital, but again, buy the least amount. Streaming services also pay based on territories and exclusivity. We try to be honest when estimating how much revenue a program may generate, as we want suppliers to have realistic expectations. However, we always try to negotiate the best deal and will make recommendations in order to maximize licensing revenue.

How does APT Worldwide market programs?

APT Worldwide attends major television markets (MIP, MIPDOC, and MIPCOM) where we meet with buyers from around the world. We maintain a rich, password protected website where buyers can screen all of our programs in full. We promote each of our programs with individual catalog pages, one-sheets, and through targeted email and online marketing efforts around designated genres, scheduling suggestions and spontaneous campaigns related to current news events. Our advertising appears in print and electronic versions of the major factual trade publications. APT Worldwide programs have been covered by Variety, RealScreen, WorldScreen News, C21 and Television Business International, among others.

What are the terms of APT Worldwide representation?

APT Worldwide works on a commission basis. We require exclusive representation and we give our clients approval over every offer. Our commission is a percentage of the gross license fee, taken only when a sale is completed. We don't charge back marketing costs but do expect that program suppliers fulfill the materials delivery obligations (broadcast master files, promotional materials, transcripts, etc.) according to the buyer's specifications. We require that all relevant rights are cleared for licensing in all media and that appropriate amounts of E&O insurance are in place to cover worldwide exposure.

How does a producer submit a program to APT Worldwide?

We will consider completed programs or programs that are in production. Please use the form at this link to submit a program. A program executive will respond after we have reviewed the submission.

Submit your program to APTWW

What are the deadlines for program submission?

We accept content submissions throughout the year. However, there are specific dates by which we must receive materials for guaranteed representation at major program markets. These deadlines are:
July 15 for the MIPCOM market in October
January 15 for the MIP market in April