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Is America in Retreat?

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IS AMERICA IN RETREAT? is a fascinating documentary that looks at the hard questions American foreign policy leaders face in dealing with today’s rapidly changing world order. Just how deeply entangled should America be in the world’s affairs? What alternatives are there to being the world’s policemen? Is there really a downside to retreat? And in the absence of the U.S., how might global order be maintained—or destroyed? Based on the book America in Retreat by Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist Bret Stephens, the documentary is hosted by Cato Senior Fellow Johan Norberg who travels the world to examine the questions facing a nation that is leaning back toward isolationism.

Filmed on location around the world, and featuring the following experts:

- Johan Norberg, Host
- Bret Stephens, Author, America in Retreat and columnist for The New York Times
- John Herbst, US Ambassador to Ukraine, 2003-2006
- Merle Maigre, National Security Advisor to the President of Estonia
- James Melville, Professor at Bard College and Scholar at the Hudson Institute
- Walter Russell Mead, Associate Minister of Finance, 1984-1987
- Shmuel Bar, Senior Research Fellow at Israel Institute of Technology
- Uzi Arad, Head of the Israeli National Security Council, 2009-2011
- Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to United States, 2009-2013, Member of Knesset
- Antonio Carpio, Supreme Court Justice of the Republic of the Philippines
- Cha Magdayao, Assistant to Municipal Mayor of Kalayaan
- Miles Yu, Professor at the United States Naval Academy
- Bonnie Glaser, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
- Admiral Gary Roughead, Former Chief of Naval Operations, US Navy

Produced by Free to Choose Media, 2017.