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MAKE48 is an exciting look at the entire process of invention from idea to store shelf. In this unique series, teams compete to develop a new product idea, plan it, make a prototype and pitch it — all in just 48 hours! Go behind-the-scenes to look at the process of taking real consumer product inventions to market. With the constant pressure of the "ticking clock" the competing teams brainstorm, design and build their ideas in order to pitch a working prototype to a team of industry and savvy judges. Industry A-listers roam the competition floor and give advice on product design and development. A panel of industry experts judges each prototype on function and marketability, and the field is narrowed down to just three teams who advance on the path to market.

Only three inventions are chosen to move on to "The Road to Marketplace," where they are fine-tuned, tested, and re-engineered by national design firms. Then the three top products are paired with national creative marketing firms to dive into the world of marketing, creative strategy, crowd-funding, product video production and brand strategy.

In the final episodes, the product developers present the final design, manufacturing and marketing plans to an industry panel and crowd-funding experts at Indiegogo. The product crowdfunding campaigns are launched to promote the product and gain critical consumer feedback in advance of the actual retail launch. The seasons end with the final outcome of the three new products heading to market!

Produced by Outpost Worldwide, 2017-2020.

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Make48 - Seasons 1-4 - Episode guide.pdf

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