Silent Sacrifice: Stories of Japanese American Incarceration

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SILENT SACRIFICE: STORIES OF JAPANESE AMERICAN INCARCERATION is a riveting, emotional documentary about Japanese Americans who were forced into encampments in the United States during World War II. Utilizing in-depth interviews with former internees and their families, a rich collection of rare historic photos and film clips, and beautifully crafted re-creation scenes, SILENT SACRIFICE reveals the pain, shame, regret and healing that nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans endured for their country.

In 1942, President Roosevelet signed Executive Order 9066 that cleared the way for the incarceration of Japanese Americans in U.S. confinement camps. Men, women, and children of Japanese ancestry were evicted from the West Coast of the United States and held in sites across the country.

For more than 75 years, the story of Japanese Incarceration has been an untold chapter of American history. This documentary follows the politics of the country as WWII erupted — how American citizens of Japanese descent were affected, what their thoughts were in the face of Pearl Harbor and the declaration of war with Japan, Germany and Italy. They witnessed the tragic exodus to the Assembly Centers by a shocked and speechless community who never believed their government would destroy their lives. Life in the Assembly Centers and Incarceration Camps is revealed through first-hand accounts by former internees and their descendants, relatives and friends, art, letters, music, sports, clothing and more.

After release from camps, the former internees travel home — wherever that ended up being. What happened to those who lost all but what they could carry? How did they recover and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Even more compelling are the clear parallels to the state of world today — how are nations dealing with refugees, immigration, xenophobia and more. Anyone, anywhere who watches Silent Sacrifice will be changed forever.

Produced by KPTV, Valley Public Television Inc., 2018.