To the Ends of the Earth: East Africa

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Most of us will never experience first-hand the wonders of East Africa, one of the last wild places on earth. However, through a photographer's lens, we can enjoy that incredible landscape and the amazing creatures that inhabit it. The documentary TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH takes audiences on a breathtaking virtual tour of East Africa, and showcases the many wondrous animals that live there. This visually stunning program features the photography of award-winning wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson, and is narrated by renowned primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall.

Over the course of an hour, viewers discover the life-and-death, day-to-day existence of native creatures, including zebras, giraffes, elephants and more, as they struggle to survive in an environment that is slowly disappearing. The camera lens captures the dramatic moment of a kill; the touching image of a mother lovingly grooming her young; the tense stand-off between two males as they fight over a mate; and the heart-stopping instance as a mother gives birth to a new offspring while wondering if a predator is on the hunt nearby.

Set to an original music score written by Gustafson and performed by the Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra, TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH artfully combines moving and still images with music to reflect the rhythm of East Africa, providing a captivating look into an incredible world viewers might never see otherwise.

Produced by To the Ends of the Earth, LLC, 2018