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Travels with Darley

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In TRAVELS WITH DARLEY, Emmy-nominated host Darley Newman travels with local residents and guides to inspiring, adventurous, and even quirky locations. Each episode introduces viewers to diverse cultures and traditions and what makes each location truly unique through local food, festivals, art, music, history, and adventure activities in natural and urban locales. The local residents are the true stars of each episode, as they lead Darley through their world, revealing a richer and more authentic sense of place that can only be experienced when you travel like a local, not a tourist!

Shot on location in high definition by multiple Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography Greg Barna, destinations in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the USA are highlighted in this beautifully filmed travel series!

Episode 101 - Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Adventures
Episode 102 - Maryland’s Eastern Shore
Episode 103 - Belgium: Castles, Cities & Countryside
Episode 104 - Belgium: Brussels & Beyond
Episode 105 - Southern States Road Trip
Episode 106 - Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Episode 107 - Road Trip: Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina
Episode 108 - Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Escape
Episode 201 - England: Manchester, Liverpool & the Lake District
Episode 202 - Northern Wales: Isle of Anglesey & The Coast
Episode 203 - Northern England and Wales
Episode 204 - Little Rock, Arkansas
Episode 205 - Hong Kong Island Hopping
Episode 301 - Martinique Adventures
Episode 302 - Hong Kong Urban Adventures
Episode 303 - Wyoming National Forests
Episode 304 - Illinois: Route 66 & Midewin
Episode 305 - Illinois: Ottawa & Beyond
Episode 401 - West Virginia Adventures
Episode 402 - France’s Western Front Part I
Episode 403 - France’s Western Front Part II
Episode 404 - Missouri’s Route 66 & St. Louis
Episode 405 - Tokyo, Japan
Episode 406 - Martinique Caribbean Culture
Episode 501 - New York’s Southern Finger Lakes
Episode 502 - New Mexico’s Continental Divide Trail
Episode 503 - Santa Fe Arts & Culture
Episode 504 - Finger Lakes & Monongahela Forests
Episode 505 - French Riviera
Episode 506 - Santa Fe Adventures

Produced by DCN Creative, 2015-2018.

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