Discover Vivaldi's Four Seasons

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Composed in 1723, Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons is among the most recognized and beloved masterpieces of classical music. While many recognize its familiar musical themes, few may know about the word imagery Vivaldi purposely wrote into these four violin concerts. The entertaining and educational film DISCOVER VIVALDI'S FOUR SEASONS helps viewers fully experience these delightful details.

Before a live audience, conductor-host George Marriner Maull, violin soloist Peter Winograd and the members of The Discovery Orchestra reveal the descriptive sonnets Vivaldi wrote into the score. After an interactive exploration of each season’s concerto, the orchestra performs the piece in its entirety, providing an opportunity for the audience to enjoy a very focused listening experience. In addition, neuroscientist Dr. Jamshed Bharucha explains the connections between music and the brain, and musician and author Dr. David Rothenber describes the influence of birdsong on our musical roots.

Episode One: Spring & Summer
Episode Two: Autumn & Winter

Also available: DISCOVER BEETHOVEN'S 5TH (1x60). The companion film take viewers on a musical journey to explore Ludwig van Beethoven's masterpiece.

Produced by The Discovery Orchestra, Inc.