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Hitler's Mein Kampf: Prelude to the Holocaust

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While in prison for his role in the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, Adolf Hitler composed the first of his two-volume work, Mein Kampf. In it, he revealed his desire to lead Germany to greater heights through a utopian vision of an Aryan nation free of Jews and encompassing greater territory through colonialism. When Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and then Führer in 1934, his vision evolved into a dystopian nightmare with the onset of WWII and the Shoah/Holocaust. HITLER’S MEIN KAMPF: PRELUDE TO THE HOLOCAUST explores whether Hitler’s hateful racial beliefs set down in his manifesto laid the groundwork for the genocidal actions of the Third Reich.

Through interviews with historians and experts, the film gives insights into the origins and evolution of Hitler’s mindset about Germany and his image of leadership. Hitler’s potent mix of ideas included Eugenics, 19th century racial studies and Social Darwinism, as well as political notions from Volk Ideologies. Scholars also reveal how Hitler used law, violence and propaganda to control the Volk along the genocidal path to the annihilation of the Jews, the disabled, and so-called ‘half-breeds’. Holocaust educators and historians note that anti-Semitism and white supremacy rear their ugly heads even today, capturing the film’s bookend images of rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 and Atlanta, Georgia in 2018. HITLER’S MEIN KAMPF: PRELUDE TO THE HOLOCAUST not only explores the question of how something like this could have happened, but also reveals the ways in which National Socialism could rise again today.

Historians, scholars and experts contributing to the documentary include:

Magnus Brechtken and Othmar Plöckinger, Co-editors of the Critical Edition of Mein Kampf
Journalist and author Karla Schönebeck
Historian Michael Bryant
Historian Paul Bookbinder
Historian David Crowe
Historian Melanie Murphy
Holocaust scholar Nathan Stoltzfus
Holocaust educator Tetyana Kloubert
Historian Martin Menke

Produced by John J. Michalczyk and Susan A. Michalczyk , Etoile Productions, 2021.