Manifest Destiny

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History Three episodes - 2x60 and 1x90 2011 HD Contact us
MANIFEST DESTINY, a documentary series produced by Lucasfilm, explores and critiques the ideas that have guided U.S. foreign policy for centuries. Clear-eyed and probing, the program addresses key foreign policy concerns using archival footage along with in-depth, insightful commentary and dramatic stories told by respected historians and diplomats.

Part 1, “To Conquer or Redeem,” focuses on the Spanish-American War of 1898 when the United States under President William McKinley and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt set out to free colonial Cuba from the cruelty of imperial Spain and ended up, after a brutal guerilla war, with a colony of its own – the Philippines. 1x60

Part 2, “Making the World Safe for Democracy,” considers the consequences – intended and otherwise – of Woodrow Wilson’s call for a world shaped by American-style democracy. Tracing the Cold War struggle between the US and the USSR, this episode tells the dramatic story of how America moved from inspiring the young Ho Chi Minh at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, to fighting him nearly half a century later. 1x60

Part 3, “Monsters to Destroy,” begins with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. As the sole superpower, the US under George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush finds itself in a series of small but unpredictable and deadly military actions, from the Gulf War to Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq, each with compromised objectives and unforeseen consequences. 1x90

Produced by Lucasfilm, 2011.